Thank you for considering becoming a Prayer Minister at the 2017 Australian Grace Conference. Please read through the following requirements to see if you qualify as a Prayer Minister.

Prayer Minister Requirements

  1. You must be born again.

  2.  You must be baptised in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues

  3. You must be a current student or have been a partner with the ministry for at least 6 months or have a recommendation from a local pastor or ministry leader who is a partner with Andrew Wommack Ministries.

  4. All prayer ministers will have completed Daniel Amstutz's 'Prayer Ministry Training' course, returned a completed test paper, and received an email confirmation of their acceptance to the team.

  5. All prayer ministers are expected to have an understanding of five foundational courses: ‘A Better Way To Pray’, ‘God Wants You Well’, ‘Believer’s Authority’, ‘You’ve already Got It’, and ‘Spirit, Soul and Body’. You can study these courses either through purchasing Andrew’s books, CDs, DVDs, or listening to them via an internet audio file which can be downloaded from The audio files are free of charge.

  6. You must be willing and able to attend the prayer ministry orientation meeting from 4pm - 5pm on Monday, October 30th at the Gold Coast Venue AND/OR 4pm - 5pm on Thursday, November 2nd at the Sydney Venue.

  7. You must be wearing your designated prayer minister badge to participate as a minister on the prayer line. Without an ID you will not be able to pray on the prayer line.

  8. Should circumstances arise that prevent you from attending a session when you are scheduled to participate in any capacity, you are expected to inform the team leader/staff member as soon as possible to ensure that your responsibilities are covered.

I am eligible in all of the categories and would like to volunteer as a prayer minister.

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